The Square (Al-Midan) Film

So I just finished watching The Square (Al-Midan) and I must say, it is a damn good documentary portraying the struggles of Egypt and it's people since the Egyptian Revolution back in 2011. The film speaks to how Egypt's government has failed the people for the past 30+ years. It takes place from the onset of the revolution with Hosni Mubarak through the coup d'état of Mohammed Morsi. It astounds me how the few people, whom most times are the elected, gain this power rush and think they are gods among men. You were a democratic country --elected by the people FOR the people. This tragic, but beautifully executed documentary does well to bring truth to light. It's depiction of the sit-ins and violent encounters with the military regime and then the fascist ruling of Morsi, show what its like on the frontline and not what is misrepresented by media and glossed over by the government. It shows the harsh reality of what really happens. My heart goes out to the people of Egypt who are fighting everyday for their piece of freedom. It is the basic human right to feel safe and once that is taken, what else is left?   

A Netflix original documentary, "The Square" is a riveting, deeply human chronicle of the Egyptian protest movement from the 2011 overthrow of military leader Hosni Mubarak through the ousting of Mohammed Morsi in 2013. "The Square" premieres January 17, 2014 in all Netflix territories, and in select cities within the United States.