MoBBQ is a business proposal for a mobile BBQ truck designed in conjunction with cityLabs under the umbrella of the 6% Place for implementation with residents of Garfield, an economically challenged neighborhood in Pittsburgh’s East End. The research team and I led community meetings and a brainstorm with the goal of understanding the residents’ needs and concerns. Once we had what we needed, my project team and I were able to create a proposal for a Mobile BBQ truck as one of the 16 initiatives derived from the research.  

This is a collaboration between Katherine Kokoska, Laura Maund, Benjamin Imhoff, Ibrahim Garcia-Bengochea, and myself. This is a real proposal done under the guidance of John Folan and Eve Picker. 

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Chateau Redevelopment Plan

At the end of Fall 2011 semester, all groups in the Urban Lab studio compiled all of their proposed projects for the Chateau neighborhood in Pittsburgh, PA into this book. It walks you through how all 16 proposed projects begin to integrate together to make this very industrial neighborhood have more of a community and residential feel to it.

My partner and I designed the West End Pier that starts on page 150. 

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