Billy Snow

About Billy Snow

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I’m a trained architect turned UX designer based in New York. I started my career in the agency world for a couple of years before moving in house to work on product design. 

I've created omni-channel digital experiences ranging from e-commerce, communication apps and marketing to financial technology. I enjoy crafting an informative story that breaks down complex problems and distills them into simple solutions. 

I have a passion for UX because of it's detailed design process and ability to shape a user’s experience with a product. You research, strategize, test, implement and repeat. I use data, best practices, and gut intuition to inform the user-centered decisions in my designs. 

Outside of work, I like making things such as furniture and pottery, drawing, traveling and I’ve recently started learning guitar. Eventually, I would love to develop a concept design firm that specializes in social spaces that combines my multidisciplinary design background.